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Ch.Nirvana Star Blaze

Champion Nirvana Star Blaze

A dog before his time!

Sire: Lorralane Winkadale X Dam: Lorralane My Desire
Whelped: 1982

Satan was the real beginning of Taratan Boxers, even though I had previously owned Boxers in my youth.

In October 1982, Roxie and I decided to look around for a Boxer puppy as our present dog, a wire haired terrier was getting on in years. So we set out one Saturday to look at puppies after going through the paper and talking to the secretary of the Boxer Association. I said to Roxie "Once we get a Boxer we won't have any more trouble with the neighbour's cats."

Most of the pup's we saw were brindle, and Roxie was not really impressed until we arrived at about our fourth or fifth litter to view, and out came this big red and white Boxer. Roxie said "Now that's what I imagined a Boxer would be like". Never the less, Roxie would still not make up her mind, so we came home without our Boxer.

Shortly after we arrived home, Roxie had a phone call from a lady whom we had previously rung that morning, but someone was coming to look at the last puppy available in the litter. She had promised if they did not take the pup we had the next offer on it. As we had experienced a long and tiring day we set up a time to see the pup the next day.

Lorralane Winkadale
Loralane Winkadale, Satan's sire.
He was owned by Tony Meihoffer who was a friend
and mentor to us in the early days

We fell in love with the puppy, which was to be known as "NIRVANA STAR BLAZE" Several suggestions for a pet name were put forward, such as Blaze and Star but I said "This is a DOG, not a "girl". Hence the name SATAN. Little did we know it then, but this small pup was to be the beginning of the Taratan Dynasty.

I started to take Satan to work with me to the Pet Shop, and when customers came in he would stretch up and look over the counter at them. He proved very popular in the shop and became a regular talking point. Several customers would come into the shop and ask me "how did you go at the weekend?" and I would say, what do you mean? They then explained to me that they showed their dogs and they thought I did too. I explained that we had bought him as a pet and companion only, and did not intend showing. We had a think about this dog showing business and felt that, if all these people thought so much of him, perhaps we should give it a try.

After several discussions on the subject, we decided to give it a go for three shows, and if he did no good we would forget the whole idea. We duly entered the three shows, the first one being on Queens birthday at Geelong 1983.

I had bought Satan a beautiful platted leather lead (you could birth the Queen Mary with it) and took him into the show ring. I did not know what to do and neither did Satan, I think we were placed third. When we came out of the ring all of the seasoned exhibitors wanted to know who he was, and where I had bought him.

We received plenty of advice and helpful hints on how to show him, and how to feed him, as I had him much too fat. We appreciated the advice and help, and the next two shows Satan won first place.

Champion Nirvana Star Blaze
Satan winning one of many challenges

From then on we were hooked and we started to get serious about showing. Satan won a lot of first places and class groups, but a challenge eluded us until his first day in intermediate class when he won his first challenge (22 points) There was no stopping him then. Along the way to amassing well over 700 points he won numerous best exhibit.in groups and best in show and runner up to best in show.

Some of Satan's best wins were BIS Walbundrie All Breeds (NSW) 1986.

RUBIS SA.Boxer Club Specialty 1986 and numerous other RUBIS, BIG, and class group's. In 1985 Satan distinguished himself by winning the four challenges on offer at the Mt Gambier Easter circuit, along with BIG, BIIG, and BIIS.

Satan also has the enviable record of winning the challenge three years consecutively at the Ladies Kennel Club All Breeds Show 1985-6-7.

Sadly we lost "Satan" at age 5 to cancer and to this day I have not seen a Boxer good enough to stand in his shadow.



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