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Champion Crowlee Miss Winkadale

Sire: Lorralane Key Largo X Dam:Lorralane Aefond Kiss
Whelped: 1983

On the 18 Oct 1983 a beautiful red and white bitch was born at the Crowlee kennels, which was destined to become our foundation bitch, and what a magnificent bitch she was.

Tony Meiehofer of Lorralane kennels had told me about this puppy, and the excellent bloodline behind it. Lorralane Key Largo, a full brother to Lorralane Winkadale sired the pup, Winkadale was the sire of CH Nirvana Star Blaze (Satan).

Tony suggested that if I was as interested in breeding as I had indicated to him, that this was the way to go. How right he was. Ch. Crowlee Miss Winkadale (Tara), was to prove to be the Matriarch and the strength behind Taratan Boxers. Tara was the most beautiful puppy and proved herself in the show ring before taking on her motherly duties.

Tara as a puppy
Loralane Key Largo - Sire of Tara
Tara as a pup
Loralane Key Largo
Tara's sire

Tara and Satan were the best of mates and often took out double challenge on the day at shows.



Ch.Taratan Miss Genevieve - Kirsty aged 10

Sire: Ch.Nirvana Star Blaze X Dam:Ch. Crowlee Miss Winkadale
Whelped: 31/12/1985

Miss Genevieve was a lovely bitch with a great temperament, and after having a litter of beautiful pups to CH.Moljon Surprise Packet at Marbleton (imp UK), went on to obtain her championship, becoming the first of a long line of Taratan champions. Apart from her championship wins, One of her more notable wins was going Best in Show at the Boxer Assoc. of Victoria Open Show In 1988.

Ch. Taratan Miss Genevieve was mated to the imported dog Ch.Moljon Surprise Packet at Marbleton. This litter produced a stunning red & white bitch to be known as Ch.Taratan Easy Going, who is the dam of Multi Best is Show winning Ch.Taratan Free N Easy.

Ch.Taratan Miss Genevieve - winning BAOV Open Show

Ch.Taratan Miss Genevieve
Winning Best in Show
Boxer Club of Victoria Open Show in 1988



Taratan Mr Wonderful

Sire: Ch.Nirvana Star Blaze X Dam:Ch. Crowlee Miss Winkadale
Whelped: 31/12/1985

Even though Seamus was not a champion he is very deserving of his place on this page among our Champions for his contribution to our history.

Seamus is the litter brother to Miss Genevieve and was a tall upstanding dog with outstanding qualities. Unfortunately Seamus was only shown for a total of 70 points toward his championship, as on numerous occasions was odd man out because of his size. He was a throwback to Seefeld Music Master who it is said was 26 inches. We decided to place Seamus with my niece who gave him a good home and so we left him there in peace and retirement.

We used him at stud and his bloodlines are behind many of our current champions.



Ch.Taratan Easy Goin

Sire: Ch.Moljon Surprise Packet at Marbelton (Imp UK) X
Dam:Ch. Taratan Miss Genevieve
Whelped: 31/12/1985

The litter from Miss Genevieve to the import Surprise Packet produced a stunning red and white bitch to be known as Taratan Easy Going - Jessica.

Shower Bonnet (Beccy) and Easy Going had many a battle in the ring, one would win today and the other the next day. Easy Going attained her championship first, and about one month later had an unfortunate accident resulting in her losing one eye. This did not stop her from winning the encouragement class in obedience at the second Boxer National held in Sydney, as well as being placed second in Aust. Bred class. Ch. Taratan Easy Going (Jessica) was then retired and went to live in luxury with my sister, only a stone's throw from our place.

Jessica as a baby puppy

Jessica as a baby puppy

She then went on to produce two beautiful litters, one to Ch. Attlea Blazon Joe (Canberra) and one to Ch. Aspen Gold Plated. A very nice red and white boy from Blazon Joe's litter was shown for a short time and was then sold. The chap who bought him wanted two male's and rather than have them separated for too long we let him go with the idea of continuing to show him, but that does not work out. He was spoilt rotten and not kept in show condition. We have since used him at stud (Taratan Man O War) and he has produced some lovely pups.

From the litter to Ch.Aspen Gold Plated she produced another of our Best in Show Boxers, our Joshua - Ch.Taratan Free n Easy.



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